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Maximizing Physician Compensation

Our 2013 Physician Compensation Survey highlights financial challenges facing today's physicians and medical practices. But with obstacles also come opportunities.

Also, check out the full data from our 2013 survey, based on replies from close to 1,500 physicians.



Practices need to expand their leadership capabilities beyond clinical-minded decisions. They have to focus on business management, too.


Vendors' products and services directly impact a practice's day-to-day operations. Here's how to be establish efficient vendor relations.

This doctor says one patient's care plan reemphasized why he has continued to stay independent in the era of consolidation.


Doctors are dealing with more outside forces than ever before, like third-party and government payers. Here's why they have to organize.


As physicians create joint ventures and Accountable Care Organizations, what do they have to know about structuring a new entity?


It’s hard enough as private practice doc in today’s reimbursement environment. Medical school debt can make it worse, here are tips to avoid this issue.

The price of that prescription might be weighing on your patients' minds, but let them know that by accepting it, they are helping someone in "need."


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