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Docs' Biggest Medical Regrets

We'd like to only remember the good things we've done in life and forget the bad, but that's not how our minds work. Everyone lives with a few regrets from their personal lives and careers. We asked a few doctors to share some of their biggest regrets in medicine.



Cannot afford to give your employee a raise, but want to show them that you value their work? The Civility CEO is here to help.

Hema Majeno, PA-C

PAs in rural areas can fulfill an important role in helping physicians address the needs of female patients.


One MD says that age-based testing is ageist and a disturbing trend. She outlines her reasons why she feels this way.

Physicians are not the only professionals who are prone to workplace stress. But it is just as vital that they recognize the signs of overload.

Tiffany Nelson, MD

Scottsdale Health Partners has used IT and care coordinators to get physicians and hospitals working hand-in-hand in a value-based environment.

To thrive, physicians should strive for completion. By working through daily tasks they can achieve clear mental benefits and recharge for the next day.

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Practices have to learn to better leverage healthcare data from IT systems to improve their performance.


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