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2017 Staff Salary Results

Is what you are paying your staff in line with national benchmarks? What are PAs, NPs, coders, MAs, and other members of the staff making on average? Our ninth annual Staff Salary Survey will answer those questions and more.

Also: In an era where practice employees are taking on an increased workload, it's time to look for better efficiency. Get more out of your practice staff.




Physician burnout is a serious problem. Here's how to recognize when it's a problem at your practice.

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Practices today are intensely focused on cost-cutting by any means necessary. But, it's important to realize cutting is not always beneficial.

William Jessee, MD, offers two ways to improve engagement and reduce physician burnout at medical practices.

Collecting data to analyze practice operations doesn't need to be intimidating. 'One expert explains why.

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Coding expert Bill Dacey answers questions on the correct definition of 'contact' and the 'mid-point rule' during a medical visit.


An experienced PA believes the professions quality measures and results are often hidden under the umbrella of the physicians they work beside.


This doctor uses technology to his advantage. He explains why he can't empathize when other doctors complain about technology.


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