Personal Health Records

Personal Health Records

When it comes to digital health records, electronic silos are no better than paper silos.

What tech tools are other practices using? What would they pass up if they had a do-over? Help us to help you find out by completing our 2013 Technology Survey.

Do you know what a PHR is? Hint: It's not another term for an EHR. A personal health record is patient-facing and patients are increasingly coming to expect it. Here's what you need to know about how these tools can help you engage patients in their own care.

Study of 1,100 U.S. patients revealed the majority love using technology to improve their own health and connect with doctors.

With an increased drive to empower patients, the healthcare industry is turning to many new initiatives, including the personal health record, or PHR. The online tool allows patients to access information, such as test results, while also taking action on their own care, such as scheduling an appointment with their physician or placing a prescription refill request.

Patient-physician phone tag driving you nuts? Here’s how to make secure e-mail messaging work for your practice.

Patient portals can offer better customer service and care, but only if you can get your patients to use it. We examine the pros and cons of jumping on the portal bandwagon.


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