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Rise of the Advanced Practitioners

The number of advanced practitioners in practice is on the upswing, but can they address the primary-care physician shortage? Experts disagree.

Also, check out the 2016 Staff Salary Survey to see if your salaries are in line with national benchmarks. After that, find out which regions are compensating their staff members the most.


On-call resident radiologists' discrepancy rates, according to a retrospective review.

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Among U.S. doctors, a SERMO poll reveals that student loan forgiveness is a favored method to convince more people to enter into medicine.

Nicole Cox

Looking to switch jobs or bring on a new provider? A recruiter dishes out advice for providers and practices.

Managing finances in radiology.

Job openings for radiologists predicted to grow 16% in 2016.

This series focuses on what it’s like to be a radiologist in a variety of settings. Here, we focused on academic radiology.

Radiology’s place in the physician shortage.


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