Author | Robert Anthony


Is Board Certification Overrated?

July 14, 2010


It’s expensive, time-consuming, and practically a prerequisite for practicing medicine today. But does board certification make you a better physician? You might be surprised by the answer.

Beyond Paperless

May 31, 2010


We know EHRs can improve practice efficiency, but can they improve patient care? The evidence is suggesting they can. From disease management tools to automated reminders, EHRs are offering welcome improvements in patient outcomes.

Rethinking Retirement

March 01, 2010


You thought your retirement plan was secure. Your portfolio was on track. Then Wall Street tanked. Take heart, there are lots of options for physicians who are close to retirement. Read our un-retirement primer.

Can Health Courts Cure the Malpractice System?

January 01, 2010


Could the answer to the malpractice crisis be a whole new kind of court? Federal caps on pain-and-suffering awards aren’t coming soon, so we investigate another possibility.