How a HiTRUST ensures healthcare technology’s security and privacy

September 18, 2020

HITRUST Alliance’s qualification ensures transparency and comfort for physician practices seeking new technology vendors

Leaving the Clipboard at the Digital Front Door: The call to modernize patient engagement

September 18, 2020

A single patient-engagement platform can help practices cut operating expenses by up to 50% annually.

3 core drivers of telemedicine success in a hybrid care delivery ecosystem

September 14, 2020

Like in any ecosystem, the interplay between functions is paramount to success.

Six considerations for integrating medical transcriptions into your operations

August 12, 2020

Leverage higher-accuracy transcription services to streamline your business operations

How to evolve your patient communication strategy during COVID19

August 06, 2020

Tactics should be built on a foundation of the three pillars: Educate, identify and treat.

Three ways healthcare facilities are rebounding from COVID-19

August 04, 2020

Leaders from several organizations explain how they’re meeting the needs of their patients and employees.

5 ways to reengage patients in the COVID19 era

July 31, 2020

It is critical to provide crystal clear communications along every step, including where they should park and how to check-in upon arrival.

Telemedicine may pose new threats for physician burnout

July 31, 2020

Until we learn how to take advantage of the benefits, and manage the challenges of telemedicine, it will be anxiety-provoking.

Class action lawsuits can result from a protected health information data breach

July 23, 2020

Two recent cases, one settled and one just filed, are illustrative of the effects of class actions, which are filed in relation to an underlying data breach involving PHI.

Ensuring a smooth ‘Go-Live’ process in the COVID-19 era

July 23, 2020

Moving charting software implementation out of the testing phase and into reality does not have to be a high-stress event.