MGMA 2019: Cyber security a rising threat to physician practices

October 16, 2019

Even small practices are not safe from the threat of hackers, healthcare attorney warns

MGMA 2019: How practice leaders should approach young workers

October 14, 2019

Working with Millennial and Gen Z employees is only a headache if biases get in the way of good communication

MGMA 2019: Sen. Bill Cassidy says medical professionals must help fix healthcare

October 14, 2019

The annual conference of the Medical Group Management Association kicked off October 13 with a speech by Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy

6 technologies to improve your practice

August 22, 2019

A recent study from MGMA reveals the top technologies that increase practice efficiencies. 

Calculating the importance of financial intelligence

October 03, 2018

David Norris, MD, MBA, explains why learning the business of medicine can help physicians be better clinicians.

How to bend without breaking

October 02, 2018

Debra Wiggs, FACMPE, past board chair of MGMA, shares her definition of resilience and explains why you need it.

How to make the most of medical conferences

October 01, 2018

Medical conferences are high-energy fountains of inspiration and education, but how can you put those ideas into action once you get back home?

The importance of communication

September 28, 2018

Communication is key to managing conflict that can hinder patient care and employee productivity.

Q&A with MGMA’s Halee Fischer-Wright and Todd Evenson

September 27, 2018

How to make the most of your time at the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) annual conference, according to President and CEO Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, and COO Todd Evenson.

7 Boston attractions you won’t want to miss

September 27, 2018

This year’s Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Annual Conference takes place Sunday, Sept. 30 through Wednesday, Oct. 3 in Boston. If you’re attending, here are seven local attractions you won’t want to miss.