2018 Mobile Health Survey Results

Mobile is in as three out of four practices saying they use mobile health (mHealth) in their practice on a weekly basis.

The results to the Physicians Practice 2018 Mobile Health Survey reveal that many practices are using mobile technologies, albeit in small doses.According to the results of the survey (187 total respondents), 75.9 percent say they use mobile health (mHealth) in their practice on a weekly basis. However, half of the respondents who use mHealth say they only use it 0-5 hours per week. More than 22 percent of practices use it 6-10 hours, while only 27.2 percent of practices use it more than 10 hours.Those who are still not using mHealth say the main reason why is because of concerns over HIPAA compliance (31.6 percent), although more than 20 percent say they just don't have the time. Other findings from the survey include:
• Staff Communication (69 percent) is the number one use for mHealth among practices. Patient communication (51.1 percent) is the second most common use.
• Nearly half of the practices using mHealth (48.9 percent) are doing so with the iPhone. A much smaller percentage are using Android phones, iPads, and other tablets.
• Only 14.5 percent of practices are accepting patient data from wearable devices.TO MOVE THROUGH THE SLIDESHOW, CLICK ON THE UPPER RIGHT OF THE IMAGEIf you have any comments on this article email editor@physicianspractice.com. We'll publish the best ones!