7 Takeaways from Real-Life Malpractice Cases

Malpractice incidents are unfortunate for all involved, but can provide insightful lessons for practices. Here are seven takeaways from real-life suits.

Incidents related to malpractice not only severely alter the patient's quality of care and even their life, but can also lead to detrimental consequences for the physicians involved. From significant financial settlements to the loss of reputation and even licensure, the devastating effects of malpractice can spread to others in a practice or other healthcare setting. Malpractice suits can also serve as invaluable educational tools for practices. Between being honest about mistakes to respecting your professional limitations, here are seven key takeaways from real-life malpractice horror stories.  Steph Weber is a freelance writer hailing from the Midwest. She writes about healthcare and small business, but finds her passion for the medical field growing in sync with the ever-changing healthcare laws.