Balancing Technology Use, Legal Repercussions for Your Practice

Risks like security breaches, privacy violations, and misplaced patient information all need to be addressed when you adopt new technologies at your practice, say the co-authors of a book on "E-Health Hazards."

With the explosion of new technologies, from EHR systems to mobile health devices, there are new ways to improve patient care, streamline work flow, and comply with federal regulations. But by not taking into account new risks for security breaches, privacy violations, and how easy it can be to let patient information slip into the wrong hands, your practice could face dire legal implications.

In this podcast, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski - co-authors of the recent report “E-Health Hazards: Provider Liability and Electronic Health Record Systems” – address these concerns while offering tips on how to improve security and arm yourself against potential lawsuits.