Best Reader Comments on Healthcare of 2017

We took some of the best comments left during the past year and put them in one spot. What did you have to say in 2017?

Every year the dedicated readers of Physicians Practice leave thought-provoking comments on the pieces that speak to them most. This past year was no different, with topics like the debate over the future of the ACA, the role of NPs and PAs in the practice, and physician burnout regularly garnering lengthy comments from our engaged readers.We took some of the best comments left under our articles during the past year and put them in one spot. Use the arrows to click through the slideshow and take a look at what other readers had to say throughout the year.Here are the articles included in the slideshow:Slide 1: AMA Got it Wrong: Inconvenience, Not Retail, is the EnemySlide 2: Proposed CVS-Aetna Deal Should Scare Primary-Care PracticesSlide 3: Healthcare Providers Share Their Holiday Wish ListSlide 4: Can NPs and PAs Help or Harm Burned Out Physicians?Slide 5: ACA Replacement Plan Ripped Apart by Medical GroupsSlide 6: 13 Red Flags Your Pain Patient is a Drug SeekerSlide 7: Why Doctors Hate Their EHRsSlide 8: 7 Ways to Recover from Physician Burnout