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Defer and Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes


Have you recently sold a property, stocks, or a business? You may be eligible to take advantage of one of this century’s most significant tax breaks with Origin Investments’ Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund III. QOZ Fund III aims to defer and eliminate federal capital gains taxes for accredited investors by investing in, developing, and managing a portfolio of multifamily developments with long-term growth potential.

Why Choose Origin’s QOZ Fund III?

  • Tax Deferral: Investors can defer federal income tax on eligible capital gains realized from the sale of a previous investment by reinvesting those capital gains into Origin’s QOZ Fund III.
  • Tax Elimination: Investors can pay zero federal taxes on the appreciation of the QOZ Fund III investment by holding the investment for 10 or more years.
  • Tax Efficiency and Cash Flow: The Fund will hold a portfolio of Class A cash-flowing properties once its assets are developed. Taxable income from such property may be offset by depreciation, and if the investment is held for 10 years or more, the depreciation recapture tax is eliminated.

QOZ Fund III targets a net equity multiple of 2.25x-2.50x and a net IRR of 10%-12%.

Complete the form below to learn how to boost your after-tax returns when investing capital gains in Origin QOZ Fund III versus an investment in a similar but non-QOZ fund.

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