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Improve Your Medical Practice in 6 Easy Steps


Your practice is a reflection of the physicians who work there. If it looks old and uncared for, patients might wonder about the care they will receive.

You know your medical practice inside and out. In fact, it is familiar and comfortable - kind of like wearing an old shoe. The shoe may be comfortable, but it is also old and worn. Now, relate this to your patients. To the discerning eye your practice may be perceived as old, worn, and out of date. Is that how patients see your practice?Fortunately, giving your practice a facelift can be easier than you think, and less expensive too. Simple changes can go a long way to improve the patient experience, and make your practice more appealing. Here are six easy things you can do to freshen up your office and give it more "curb appeal."To download a PDF of this slideshow click here.

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Rachael Sauceman gives expert advice
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