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Join Us for the First Physicians Practice Tweet Chat


Tomorrow at 12pm EST, Physicians Practice will host its very first tweet chat on the staffing difficulties facing practices. We hope you join us!

On Wednesday May 17th at 12pm EST, the Physicians Practice editors will be hosting its first ever tweet chat. A tweet chat is a live Twitter event, moderated and focused around a general topic. To filter all the relevant chatter into a single conversation a hashtag is used. The hashtag for our chat is #P2StaffChat.

To get started, you can either log on to tweetchat.com and enter the hashtag #P2StaffChat, or, go to the Physicians Practice Twitter page and follow the chat there.

During the #P2StaffChat, we will be discussing the staffing difficulties facing medical practices today, as referenced in the results of our 2017 Staff Salary Survey. Physicians Practice will ask a handful of questions, each ending with the #P2StaffChat hashtag. Anyone who wants to weigh in with answers to those questions can do so by replying with an answer followed by the events hashtag.


1. What are the biggest staffing challenges provider orgs are facing today? #P2StaffChat

2. With practices more stretched out than ever, how can practices gain more efficiencies? #P2StaffChat

3. Can advanced practitioners, such as NPs and PAs, replace some of the duties that a physician takes on at the practice? #P2StaffChat

4. What are areas that are vital for practices to train their employees in? Compliance w/ MACRA? EHR use? Customer service? #P2StaffChat

5. Should practices be staffing people to comply with MACRA? 87.2% of respondents to the Staff Salary say they won't be doing that. #P2StaffChat

6. What are some ways to retain staff – other than financial incentives? Or are financial incentives the only way? #P2StaffChat

Once the chat begins, if you would like to answer, for example, question one, you would type "A1:" (signifying answer to question one), followed by your answer, and then #P2StaffChat. The hashtag makes it easy for us to find all of the relevant tweets so that we can interact with our readers.

We hope to chat will all of you tomorrow!    

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