Maintaining Revenue Levels During the EHR Transition

Maintaining Revenue Levels During the EHR Transition - How to Achieve a Smooth Technology Transition

Gateway EDI and e-MDs
November 1, 2010

The federal government’s incentive funding for the use of electronic records promises to spur a wave of EHR adoption. Practices are beginning to navigate the tricky waters of EHR implementation and “meaningful use” requirements - while continuing to run a busy practice and see patients. For this reason, many physicians worry the process will mean a slow-down in their operations or an interruption in their revenue cycle.

But rest assured - that doesn’t have to happen. Practices using an integrated solution with Gateway EDI and e-MDs have found it's possible to have a seamless transition. With the right plan and the right systems in place, practices can maintain a steady revenue stream during the shift.


By Gateway EDI and e-MDs

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