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Keeping Medical Practice Staff on TaskLooking for ways to praise your hard-working staff, without breaking the bank? Here's how to motivate your office to achieve the common goal of boosting patient satisfaction.

Hiring a Medical Practice Administrator
Hiring an administrator or practice manager may be one of the most significant hires you make. But how do you hire one successfully?

Establishing the Chain Of Command at Your Medical Practice
Clear guidelines on practice reporting structures will empower employees to work more effectively.

Firing a Medical Practice Employee
Here are nine tips to make the process easier for your practice.

Can That Applicant Do the Job?
Tips for testing job skills - before you hire.

Proper Introductions at Your Practice Are Critical to Patient Relations
In the medical world, the way you introduce yourself and others can make or break your relationships - with patients, their families, and your colleagues.
Communication Breakdowns at Your Medical Practice
Improve day-to-day employee interactions with these tips.

Staff Salary Survey 2012Strategic Staffing:Get Your Pieces in the Right Places
With payment model changes looming, and practice budgets getting ever tighter, getting your staffing right has never been more important. Here's how to staff wisely in uncertain times.

Also: Are your staff salaries in line with your peers'? Find out with our2012 Staff Salary Survey data.Managing Staffing Costs at Your Medical Practice
Work flow, technology, and shaking up traditional job duties can all affect staffing needs.

Health IT Support at Your Medical Practice: Hire or Train?
Properly using technology at your practice is critical, as is determining who will help you use it effectively.

Employing Your Spouse at Your Medical Practice
Having your soul mate at the office is great, but beware of bringing personal issues into your practice.

'Managing Up' a Critical Part of Practice Management
Here's how to work with your physicians to deliver the best possible outcome for your practice, yourself, and your boss.

6 Ways to Get Organized
Tired of decreased productivity? Here's how to get organized and whip your practice back into shape.

Make Your Medical Practice More Efficient
Not enough hours in the day? Small changes can have a big impact on your practice efficiency - and your life.

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