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Physicians Practice 2016 Great American Physician Survey Report


The complete results to this year's Great American Physician Survey and more, revealing just where physicians stand with the profession of medicine in 2016.

This year's Great American Physician Survey report offers the complete results to the seventh annual Great American Physician Survey. The survey, comprising 1,314 respondents, reveals physicians' thoughts on their professional and personal lives. Are they happy with their choice of career? Do they think healthcare is headed in the right direction? They also weigh in on their biggest frustration with being a physician, their largest barriers to patient care, cash-pay practices, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and more.

Also, the report offers three feature length articles. How should physicians deal with the high cost of care and rising patient deductibles; why is there so much frustration surrounding the ACA and health reform in general; and how quickly has direct primary care risen in physicians' eyes. Plus, we look at how physicians can improve their work-life balance.

Click below to view the entire report.

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