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Plan on Expanding Your Practice With These Guidelines


If a new office or location is in the works for your New Year business plan, use these suggestions as a guideline.

If you are part of group of physicians who managed to not only survive this past year, but actually thrived and are considering opening a new office, there are a few things to remember while going about opening that office.  Having just gone through this, I’d like to share some reminders.

First and foremost, make a timeline.  Put your projected opening date at the far right and start working backwards.  It’s a lot less intimidating than thinking of all of the details and not knowing where to start.  Now that you have an approximate date, think about the things that need to happen the week prior.  Those might be:

  • Install equipment, tables, cabinets
  • Bring in office supplies, computers, printers, cleaning supplies
  • Provide any new staff training, or hire new staff and get them on boarded
  • Get signage up outside and on doors
  • Hook up internet access, phones
  • Set up your front office area
  • Courier for mail, cash deposits, other important documents

Move back about a month and consider these items :

  • Get approval for all construction completed from city/town inspector
  • Order equipment and other items that you may need
  • Get your office Medicare certified
  • Get your physicians, PAs and other healthcare staff certified on all of your insurance contracts – VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Be sure new office is entered into your EHR system, and your billing department/company is aware that you are opening a new facility
  • Sign your final lease documents
  • Obtain business license
  • Order prescription pads, letterhead, envelopes, business cards
  • Get your phone and fax number secured
  • Check insurance company websites to make sure they have your new clinic listed
  • Update your website that your new office is coming

Go back about two months and consider these items :

  • Apply for business license
  • Build out internal structures
  • Get your clinic OPTUM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, All networks certified
  • Get an NPI number for your new location

These suggestions should get you started.  Of course depending upon your particular specialty and location, there will be other items to consider.  Its also very important to task someone with each of these items and have a weekly meeting so you know where everything stands.  Be sure you plan an Open House for your referral sources, patients, staff and their families.  It will be important to market your new location so that everyone is aware you are open for business!

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