Poll of the Week – How Well Do You Understand Technology?

You might use the latest and greatest technology at your practice. But do you have a firm understanding of how and why that technology works?

Practice Notes blogger and physician Daniel Essin recently asked readers, “How knowledgeable [about technology], not ‘computer-literate,’ but knowledgeable are you?”

As an example, he pointed to cloud computing. “It's the latest high-tech buzzword but do you have any idea what that is?” he wrote. “A new national survey by Wakefield Research, commissioned by Citrix, suggests that the answer is ‘not really’ - over half of respondents, including a majority of [supposedly computer literate] Millennials, believe that stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing.”

Essin went on to explain how cloud computing works. But his blog raises the question: How many of you really understand the technology you are using?

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