Previewing Tom Price's Reign as HHS Secretary

In what areas will Secretary Tom Price make an impact at the Department of Health and Human Services? MGMA's government affairs expert shares his insight.

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What will the ascendance of Tom Price, the new secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), mean for practices across the country?

This question is very much in the air, but Anders Gilberg, the vice president of government affairs for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), has an idea. In the most recent edition of the Physicians Practice Pearls Podcast, Gilberg said MGMA is hoping Price's previous focus on reducing administrative burdens for practices carries over to his work as HHS administrator. The association wrote a letter to Price upon him taking office.

"He has been instrumental as a member of Congress in stepping in and mitigating various administrative burdens, especially as it relates to the Meaningful Use program," Gilberg said in the podcast. He added that having Price at the helm of HHS will provide a "great opportunity" to reduce administrative burdens that have built up over the past few years.

Later in the podcast, Gilberg explained why it's not entirely realistic to expect Price to make a significant impact in the first year, especially with regards to the Affordable Care Act. "Much of what needs to be done has to be done through the legislative process," he said. Although Gilberg predicts he may try to reduce the administrative complexity surrounding the Medicare program in the first year.

Gilberg also addressed whether those who did not support Price's nomination should be concerned over his controversial opinions on Medicare, Medicaid, and women's health.

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