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Technology’s Lasting Impact on the Medical Practice


Technology can solve your business problems, but it has to be the right system with the right partner to truly result in success.

Let’s talk technology.

So, how’s that EHR working out for you? Has more technology at your practice made for an easier, zen-like experience, or has it added cost and complexity?

If I’m guessing correctly, the mere thought of technology has produced feelings of frustration and anger. As CEO of a company that is a part of the electronic health movement that is taking place, I have always felt that we were in competition with other vendors that thought about the short-term, and let’s just say that they had their own interests in mind. Of course you can’t be a business-minded leader without being profit-minded. However, with the right focus and business model, you can both serve the customers and the business owners. In healthcare this doesn't work.

When you take a look back to the EHR gold rush, we have actually come full circle to a point where the true impacts of that era have come to full bore. Independent practices are at an apex of confusion, complexity, and confounding interests. Go into any practice and hold a conversation around technology, and I wish you the best of luck. You would be in better shape if you sold happiness and came in with a master's in psychology.

What does this mean for the future of private, independent practices?

When we think of the future of practices, and the role that technology plays within, it should be thought of as a service that comes with support. The best technology becomes an extension of the practice. By combining business and technology services focused on practice-minded solutions, independent practices might actually have a fighting chance against "big healthcare."

Time cannot be erased, and the issues of yesterday are not able to totally be swept under a rug. For any practice that is looking at their existing EHR as a big headache, I cannot blame them. However, it is a reminder that it is a business problem, and technology is a part of the solution. The only formula for a thriving future is to find a partner that can help you with your business first and also has a technology platform that truly supports the practice.

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