Great American Physician Survey

More than Just Medicine on the Minds of Physicians

Our 2013 Great American Physician Survey, Sponsored by Kareo, reveals physicians striving for work-life balance amid the changing landscape of healthcare today.

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Great American Physician Survey

Curious about transitioning to a direct-pay medical practice? Here are some of our most popular articles about this emerging practice model.

A physician's life is complicated. Success and happiness require productive adaptation.

You told us how healthcare reform is affecting your patients, your practices, and your career satisfaction. Now share how it is affecting your staff.

Though salary is an important factor for physician retention, money is not the only thing that matters. Here are a few other things physicians are looking for in a job.

It's possible to balance things as a physician at work and home more by bringing the best parts of each to the other location.

A look at some recent studies regarding differences between rural and urban physicians, and what they might mean for your practice.

Pulling strings, asking for professional courtesy, whatever you want to call it, it can put physicians in a very awkward position.


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