Patient Confidentiality

Patient Confidentiality

Even if your practice does not suffer a HIPAA breach of confidential patient data, being noncompliant can land you in hot water as well.

Physician and social media expert Russell Faust describes the top obstacles preventing doctors from utilizing social media as a tool for their medical practice.

HHS is working to craft an agreement to share public health information in the event of a pandemic between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

When it comes to understanding why we need HIPAA compliance, government regulators are on one side of a very wide river, and physicians are on the other.

Experts reveal common technology missteps that are putting practices at risk of HIPAA violations.

The best way to approach all medical records in relation to HIPAA and the HITECH Act is the same as you do with patients: use universal precautions.

Your practice may want to consider purchasing insurance to cover the costs of a potential HIPAA breach.


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