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Patient Confidentiality

Docs' Biggest Medical Regrets

We'd like to only remember the good things we've done in life and forget the bad, but that's not how our minds work. Everyone lives with a few regrets from their personal lives and careers. We asked a few doctors to share some of their biggest regrets in medicine.


Patient Confidentiality

Jon Carter

One practices has figured out a way to keep their patients from breaking HIPAA rules and using social media when they are in the exam room.

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Before you decide to create your killer mobile health app, this lawyer advises you look at the FTC's guidance on developing one.

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Here’s what you do when a HIPAA violation affects your patients, but is the fault of one of your business partners.


Lost laptops, tablets, and phones are among the most common ways patient privacy is breached. Here’s what to do if it happens to you.

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A recent ruling from an administrative law judge emphasizes the importance of HIPAA compliance for physicians.

Small practices can take steps to avoid being hit with ransomware. The key focus should be on implementing technical safeguards and working with staff.

This physician's practice found a more effective way to protect patient data. However, it may have come at his colleague's expense.


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