Physician Productivity

Fiercely Independent

Small, independent medical practices are struggling to thrive alongside larger networks; here's what they can do about it.

Physician Productivity

The sad fact, when it comes to EHR, is that very few posses the right kind of computer literacy.

An open letter to Congress about interoperability, including some questions it should ask the vendor community.

Losing referrals to the local hospital? Here's one marketing tool to retain patients and revenue.

Does your practice ask busy physicians to juggle committee/administrative work with treating patients? Should they?

The ICD-10 deadline is only nine months away. Here are six questions to ask your software vendors immediately.

Internal medicine physician Troy Tyner says his practice's EHR has increased reimbursement. Here's why and some of Tyner's top tips for other practices.

More physician compensation is being tied to productivity. Here's how to calculate productivity ratios at your practice using RVUs.


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