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Physician Productivity

Improve Manager-Physician Collaboration

With value-based payment models taking over healthcare, practice managers and administrators must be more aware of how physicians deliver care and how they can help them do it more efficiently.

Physician Productivity

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This doctor’s patient has all but lost her short-term memory. Unfortunately, the doctor seems to be the only one who sees it.

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When it comes to improving diagnosis in healthcare, the importance of scientific thinking must be stressed. It doesn’t take magic.

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Physician assistants can help busy physician practices better cope with the frustrations of EHR. Here's how.

Physicians are at risk of insomnia just as much as the general population. Here are six tips to reclaim your rest.

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A Louisiana-based doctor talks about being burned-out as an employed physician and switching to a direct primary-care model.

My office is understaffed, overworked, and I'm drowning in paperwork. I do not have time for vomiting.

The Patient-Centered Specialty Practice program was designed in many ways to complement the success of the medical home program and expand its reach.


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