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Physician Productivity

Improve Manager-Physician Collaboration

With value-based payment models taking over healthcare, practice managers and administrators must be more aware of how physicians deliver care and how they can help them do it more efficiently.

Physician Productivity

Hawaii? Disney World? Physicians make varied choices when picking vacation spots to escape the stress of working in medicine.

Here are some communication-based strategies to prevent problems arising between doctors and administrators at your practice.

Sam Wijesinghe, PA-C, AAHIVS

Experiences of a certified PA shed light on how all physicians can help care for patients with or at-risk for HIV.

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We know there will be a physician shortage, but do we know how many? AAMC's Janis Orlowski talks with us about the science behind their projections.

Dyad leadership allows physicians and managers to support each other while dividing and conquering the workload.

According to a recent survey most physicians rate the healthcare law favorably when it comes to increasing patient access, but not so for other metrics.

Share your thoughts on whether or not advanced practitioners are the solution to the primary-care physician shortage or if they are not interchangeable.


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