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Physician Productivity

Docs are Disillusioned

This year's Great American Physician Survey reveals that physicians are not happy with the direction healthcare is headed and fewer of them would recommend this career path. They also hand out grades to the Trump administration, reveal their health policy wish list, and more!

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Physician Productivity


New Jersey's policies toward primary care physicians are decimating its ranks and deepening a public health crisis.


Tempers flare as readers weigh-in on possible solutions for the nationwide physician shortage.

Here are a few examples of what medical professionals, administrators and consultants across the United States are doing to improve health literacy.


Feeling angry and overwhelmed at your practice? Here are six simple actions that can improve your mood.

This physician had a solid relocation strategy that allowed him to improve his home and professional life. Here's what you need to know to do the same.


You don't have time to take strategic 60-second pauses throughout the day? Think again, here's when you can.

From not blaming everything on the EHR to taking care of yourself, a few strategies to improve your symptoms of physician burnout.


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