Author | Frank Cohen


Cost Accounting in the Medical Practice via RVU

February 10, 2015

Using RVUs to conduct a cost analysis at your medical practice is not only cheap and easy, it is very effective at assessing the value of your payer contracts.

Using RVUs to Measure Physician Performance

January 08, 2015

More physician compensation is being tied to productivity. Here's how to calculate productivity ratios at your practice using RVUs.

Assigning RVU Values to Procedures That Don't Have Them

September 04, 2014

Sometimes, procedures lack RVU values for a reason. If you must, however, here are two strategies to use when assigning RVU values on your own.

RVUs Remain a Relevant System to Determine Physician Compensation

August 13, 2014

The Resource-Based Relative Value Scale, the generator of RVUs, is still viable despite the changing nature of physician compensation.