Author | Hector C. Ramos, MD



Debating a Physician's Role in Assisting Patient Death

March 28, 2015

Should a physician use her knowledge and craft as a way to help a suffering patient end his life? Here are two sides of the argument.

Moral Courage for Physicians

March 22, 2013

In addition to the clinical duties of physicians are moral obligations. But does a physician always have a moral obligation to act in the best interest of patients?

A Lesson in Compassion for a Young Physician

May 04, 2012

Angry words from a young girl taught me never to act without compassion for my patients and to never judge them.

Physicians: From Professionals to Providers

March 04, 2012

Physicians are now perceived as identical to businessmen … [and] as our authority has waned our responsibility has become greater.