Author | Jackie Stack, CPC

Valley Women's Health Care



Five Often-overlooked Benefits of the ICD-10 Transition

May 12, 2014

Seeing the benefits of the ICD-10 transition will help you and your medical practice staff members embrace and prepare for the upcoming transition.

Analyze Medical Practice Work Flow to Prepare for ICD-10

February 05, 2014

Begin ICD-10 preparations with an analysis of how the new code set will affect office work flow for each medical practice employee.

ICD-10 Testing: Know Where to Begin

April 17, 2013

Early ICD-10 testing will allow your medical practice to identify and resolve issues before they disrupt your claims process.

ICD-10 Training: When, Where, and How Good?

December 19, 2012

Here's some food for thought on when to deliver ICD-10 training to your medical practice staff, where you should go for it, and how to evaluate it.