Matt E. Moore

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Executive Director of Consumer Payment Solutions, Change Healthcare

Matt Moore is responsible for the strategy and product development for consumer healthcare payment solutions, focusing on the provider market.

Prior to the McKesson Technology Solutions and Change Healthcare merger, Matt joined McKesson ten years ago and was responsible for the patient access business. In that role, Matt launched a highly innovative and configurable patient statement platform that was tightly integrated with the consumer payment solution and an industry-leading authorization verification solution as part of Change Healthcare’s market-leading Clearance product.

Prior to Change Healthcare, Matt spent the previous twenty years of his career working with large U.S. financial institutions including ABN Amro, U.S. Bank, and First National Bank of Chicago (now Chase) developing and launching online transactional solutions for all banking segments, invoice presentation and remittance processing solutions for retail and commercial companies, and designed EBPP and EIPP revenue management services for small businesses.


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