Author | Nick Weeks



Effective E-mails: 3 Tips for Physicians, Managers

January 20, 2015

Many medical practice staff members, managers, and physicians struggle when attempting to communicate effectively via e-mail. Here are some suggestions.

Three Tips for Struggling Independent Medical Practices

December 16, 2014

They say that the first year of any new business is the toughest, and we can second that. Here are three lessons we learned that can benefit medical practices.

Keeping Up With Technology: A Must for Medical Practices

November 25, 2014

Don't be afraid to try new technology at your medical practice. If there's a hot new device or productivity program, there's probably a reason for it being so popular.

The More Efficient Medical Office: Less (Paper) is More

October 14, 2014

EHRs are not the only way your practice can cut down on paper usage. Here are four other ways practices can save paper, time, and money.