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Caldes Mont



'Problem' Patients: Dealing with Angry, Edgy Patients

May 25, 2011

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from doctors is that they are seeing an increasing number of angry patients. Appointments are clouded by a tension that used to be rare. It’s difficult to get these patients to open up. Little or no conversation takes place.

'Problem Patients': When Modesty and Honesty Get in Your Way

May 18, 2011

It may seem like a stretch to address these two very different concepts together, but soon you’ll see how closely related they are, and how understanding the background for both can help you improve relationships with your patients.

'Problem' Patients: Beware the 'Cyberchondriac'

May 11, 2011

Last week, we looked at the problem of patients who complain about waiting room times. Waiting room times are one thing, but what about the "Googlers"?

'Problem' Patients: Dealing with the Waiting Game

May 04, 2011

Patient advocate Trisha Torrey discusses those patients that make you cringe when you look at your daily schedule and what you can do to help them and yourself. This post deals with patients frustrated with the waiting game.