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4 Reasons for Docs to Be Reflective This Time of Year


As the end of 2016 approaches and we make way for 2017, it is the perfect time of the year to reflect on our careers and our personal lives.

Regardless of what kind of year you have had, there were undoubtedly many triumphs as well as setbacks. If you are merely in practice, particularly if your practice is thriving, you have many reasons to be thankful. Where else can you get to practice skills that you so eagerly sought as a young man or woman and to help cure people on a daily basis?

You get to arrange your office in the way that you choose. You work with people who share, presumably, your vision in terms of assisting patients. You are able to take off numerous weekends throughout the year, not to mention extended vacations.

A Little Reflection

As the New Year approaches, it behooves each of us to stop and reflect as to how lucky we are. Regardless of any current challenges, on balance, most of the time each of us experience a life that intermittently contains excitement, disappointments, wonders, and moments of pure joy.

If it has been hard for you to be reflective over the years, but you nevertheless recognize the benefits, here are four reasons why it makes sense to do so now:

1) If you have your health, it has been said, you have everything. While that might not be exactly so, health is still one of the individual treasures of our existence on earth. Everyone who deems themselves to be healthy, myself included, should acknowledge this truly great gift on a continual basis.

2) Consider your family, friends, peers, coworkers, and other professional associates. Within that broad swath of humanity, clearly there are people whom you care about deeply. There are people who make a difference in your life. There are good friends and good peers who add significant value on a regular basis. For this, we can all be thankful.

3) Whether you live in the U.S. or abroad, presumably, you can be thankful for the many benefits of living in your respective country, where you are allowed to practice the profession of your choice, \make a decent income, are a respected member of the community, and look forward to years more of being held in esteem by those around you.

4) In anticipation of the New Year, and all the adventures and triumphs that are forthcoming, who would not be thankful? The New Year, similar to a new month, week, or day, represents a time of opportunity. We are not merely robot clones proceeding in life, looking through the rear view mirror, exhibiting only the behaviors and characteristics that we have previously exhibited.

We have the chance to act in new ways - to make new explorations, take on new challenges, assume new types of behaviors, and, indeed, even reinvent ourselves. For that capability alone, we can agree about the importance of being reflective and thankful.

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