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7 staff roles practices should consider adding


Changes in the healthcare industry are necessitating new roles at practices. Here are seven positions you might consider adding to assist patients and staff.

Whether it be clinical, financial, or technical, today’s physician practices have seen many changes. These changes have resulted in adding new roles within the practices as well as expanding roles for some employees already on staff.

Gerald Fincken, DO, is an associate chief in the department of family medicine at Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas. Referencing a new study from malpractice insurance provider The Doctors Company, he notes, “As we move into an ever-changing healthcare delivery environment, all those involved in the care continuum have to take on other responsibilities and roles as they care for the patient either face to face or virtually. While technology is a wonderful tool to help deliver better care, those interacting with the patient-from the physician to the nurse practitioner to the nurse or medical assistant-must be ever cognizant of the pitfalls of technology and pressures on privacy and medical malpractice.”

Risk management issues could lead to future standardization in certification for all roles within the practice. In addition to standardization in certification, look for descriptions to contain not only requirements for essential abilities, but additional skills such as communication and collaboration.

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