Eight Hiring Tips for Medical Practices

Laura Palmer of the MGMA says a little patience in hiring your next medical practice staff member goes a long way. Here are eight tips to find the right fit.

Finding a new member of your medical practice team usually requires a large commitment of both time and money on your part. Laura Palmer, a senior industry analyst for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), says a little more work upfront and patience when it comes to your next hire will go a long way."We're trying to get a good, stable, long-term workforce [member] out of this, so the more work you put in ahead of time to make sure it is a good fit, the better," Palmer said. "… It's stressful on everyone. It's challenging to take the time at the front end, but the better job we do, the happier everyone is going to be."Palmer will present "30 Hiring Tips in 30 Minutes" at the MGMA14 Conference in Las Vegas on Wed., Oct. 29 (8-8:30 a.m.), but she gave Physicians Practice  a sneak peek at some of her best practices for finding the best employee for your medical practice.To view the slides in PDF format, click here.