How Big Data is Changing Healthcare Forever

What is "big data" and how is it being deployed in American medical practices and health systems to improve the quality of care? This short video explains how physicians are already using data in their management of patients, and what health IT experts believe is likely to happen next.

We keep hearing about the use of so-called "big data" in American healthcare. But what does that mean for your patients and medical practice? This short video explains how analytics are transforming the way physicians and patients interact.

Here's just some of what you will see:

Dan Riskin, MD, explains how data is can be deployed by health systems to can improve outcomes for individual patients and whole populations.

Physician Larry Holly describes how the doctors at his practice in Texas use sophisticated analytics to help their patients understand the state of their own health, and what they need to do get better.

Health IT expert Mac McMillan describes some of the challenges that small and mid-sized medical practices face in attempting to access sophisticated analytics.

And much more.