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Maximize your practice hiring: Ideal spots to place ads for better results


Technological advancements, patient expectations, and even global crises have dictated the need for skilled and adaptable professionals.

help wanted | © Andrey Popov - stock.adobe.com

© Andrey Popov - stock.adobe.com

A recent survey showed that the country faces a shortage of 17,000 primary care providers and more than 8,000 mental health practitioners. Top talent is difficult to find, so you need to maximize the value of job ads.

What do you need to know to maximize the value of your job ads?

Understanding the current landscape of medical hiring

The healthcare sector has transformed significantly this past decade. Technological advancements, patient expectations, and even global crises have dictated the need for skilled and adaptable professionals. Medical practices seek candidates who align with their mission, share their ethos, and are ready to navigate the challenges of modern healthcare. The emphasis now is on holistic hiring, where skills, experience, and cultural fit are equally valued.

Key platforms to optimize your medical job listings

Diverse job platforms cater to the medical community, each with unique offerings and audiences. The HealthcareSource Job Board, for example, is a specialized platform designed exclusively for healthcare professionals. Focusing solely on the medical domain ensures job ads reach candidates actively seeking opportunities in the health sector, increasing the chances of securing relevant and passionate professionals.

Mainstream job search platforms like Indeed cast a broader net. It’s versatile, appealing to a vast audience ranging from seasoned medical professionals to novices seeking entry-level roles. It is a valuable tool for practices with diverse hiring needs.

Platforms like LinkedIn can serve as a nexus between professionals across industries. Its robust targeting tools and vast network of professionals make it an ideal space for medical practices to locate candidates with the requisite skills and align with the company's values and culture.

Crafting a compelling and informative job ad

The heart of any successful hiring endeavor is the job ad itself. Here's how to ensure yours stands out:

  • Clarity in Role Definition: Clearly define the position's responsibilities and expectations. A clearly defined description of the desired role gives potential applicants a transparent view of their day-to-day tasks and long-term career prospects.
  • Emphasize Organizational Culture: Highlight the ethos and values of your practice. Showcasing your office dynamics helps attract candidates who align with your organizational goals and work culture.
  • Detailed Skill and Certification Requirements: List all necessary qualifications, from educational degrees to specific certifications. Being particular ensures the right fit and streamlines the screening process.
  • Transparent Compensation Structure: An upfront disclosure about the salary range, benefits, and other perks can attract suitable candidates and set clear expectations.
  • An Equal Opportunity Statement: Make sure there is an emphasis on your practice's commitment to diversity and fostering an inclusive environment.

A job ad should be informative and enticing, capturing the essence of the role and the values of the medical practice.

Ensuring a successful integration: From hiring to onboarding

Once the right candidate is identified and hired, the focus shifts to their successful integration into the practice. A robust onboarding process not only aids in a smoother transition but also sets the tone for their tenure. It's essential to have a systematic, structured orientation, introducing new hires to the practice's culture, operations, and expectations. Regular check-ins, mentorship programs, and feedback sessions can ensure that they feel valued, understood, and integral to the practice's success.

Maximize the value of your medical job ads with the right tools

As the world of medical hiring continues to evolve, aligning with experts in the field can offer unparalleled advantages. Many systems are leveraging practice automation, which focuses on provider well-being, ensuring that medical practices thrive in every aspect.

Take advantage of the latest insights and strategies, which can revolutionize your hiring approach. Maximizing these concepts could lead to a team that's skilled and genuinely aligned with your practice's mission and vision. It's time to redefine hiring in the medical world, so put the right tools to work for you.

Jesse Noyes is Vice President of Organic Marketing at Tebra, a leader in practice automation solutions for independent healthcare practices. In 2021, Kareo and PatientPop merged to form Tebra, and Jesse joined the team the November of the following year.

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