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Patient Dismissal: When and How to Do ItIn this webinar, we discuss when it is time to cut ties with a patient and the proper process to do so.

Social Media in Healthcare: Finding the ROI Russell Faust, PhD, MD, explains the current landscape of healthcare social media and how your practice can benefit in this archived webinar.

How to Help Your Patients Manage Their MedicationsSimple strategies to help your patients manage their medications.

Navigating Difficult Patient Encounters
10 simple tips to help you manage your most challenging patients.

Combating Prescription Drug Abuse in Your PracticeNot every patient who abuses prescriptions is just out for a good time or a quick buck. Here's how to recognize prescription-abusers, and what do to do about them.

Physicians, Patients, and the Internet
Are you competing with Dr. Google? Here's some advice on how to deal.

7 Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Practice
Social media isn't just a tool for doctors to share health information. It's also a tool to establish your practice as a credible source for health-related information.


New American Patients Putting Physicians Under the Microscope
Physicians are now the ones under close examination by a new generation of patients.

Podcast: Dealing with 'Problem' Patients
Learn how to manage patient expectations in this podcast, featuring patient advocate Trisha Torrey. Problem patients covered in this session include the impatient patient, the Googler,and the angry patient.

Patient Compliance Techniques That Work
The cost of patient noncompliance, for patient outcomes, your bottom line, and the healthcare system, has been well documented. But when nagging fails, what can you do? A lot, actually. Check out these strategies for increasing patient adherence and outcomes.

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