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Physicians, Politicians, and Healthcare Policy, Oh My!


The intractability by both parties in Congress over healthcare keeps them focused on politics, not policy.

It’s 4 a.m. I am awake because my left brain was having a loud argument with my right brain over Obamacare.

Left brain wanted to defund Obamacare and start over with something more practical that would reduce spending. Right brain argued that it was settled law, and someone had to do something about the millions of uninsured.

Both sides had dug into their core ideology. The disturbing implication about my dream-state psyche is that it mirrored Congress except for the Corgi wearing a green eyeshade doing crossword puzzles.

I was in the dream, too, wearing footie tuxedo jammies and a beret.

As the argument wore on, the Corgi threw down its pen (smart dog doing crosswords in pen), jumped down from its chair, and told both brain sides (in a perfect Cambridge English accent) to settle down. Now, it never occurred to me that my anthropomorphic little friend was talking, only that the English accent was out of place. Corgis are Welsh.

“I say,” the dog said, “Has it ever occurred to you that you are both quite correct, at least in part?”

The brains looked on suspiciously.

“Let me explain, my good chaps,” the Corgi said as it pulled out an enormous Calabash pipe full of kibble and nibbled on a green one. ”Right brain, you have insurance reform as its foundation, and should focus there.” Another nibble, a brown one this time, “And you, my good left brain, should create legislation that will focus on reducing regulation, cutting waste and defensive medicine, and encouraging higher quality and wellness.

“The both of you should cooperate in coordinating your initiatives in the best interest of the healthcare industry and the citizenry.” The pipe was now blowing bubbles. “Now,” the Corgi was scratching at the backyard door, “I must visit the facilities and investigate what I expect may be a dead squirrel. A good roll is just the ticket.”

Right and left brain started their arguing right where they left off.

Amazing how dreams can mirror real life, isn’t it?

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