Six ways to motivate your team for free


Getting the best employees requires offering an attractive salary and benefits package. Getting the best work from those employees requires something more.

Money isn’t everything. When it comes to motivating employees, money may be not be nearly enough. Psychologists are increasingly discovering that money is not the best motivator.

Sure, people have to make enough money to pay their bills. But when it comes to getting them to go the extra mile for the team, it takes more than a good paycheck.

Fortunately, for practice managers, often the best motivators are relatively easy, inexpensive, and often a whole lot of fun. Try a few of these ideas at your practice, and see if your team is more willing to go the extra mile.

Money talks; it’s true. But people are far more motivated to do their best work when they love their jobs, have fun at work, and know that the leadership notices and appreciates what they do. It’s not that hard to give them that.