The best states for physicians in 2020: The complete ranking

Here is the full 2020 ranking of all states and territories included in this years' analysis.

What are the best states for physicians to practice in? Find out in Physicians Practice Best States to Practice 2020 exclusive data project.

For our analysis, our editors ranked the states based on 2019 data covering five categories:

  • Mean salary
  • Highest/lowest malpractice premiums
  • The 2019 cost of living index
  • Tax climate (state collections per capita)
  • Physician density
  • Malpractice premium costs

Physicians Practice obtained the data from publicly available sources and partner organizations.

The Cunningham Group provided malpractice premium averages for each state.

Here’s a brief description of our methodology: We ranked each state on the criteria described desirable outcome per criteria, then averaging those scores resulted in the ranks of the states below and in other sequences in the slideshow series.

Below is a collection of the full ranking of all states and territories included in our 2020 analysis.