Top 10 Medical Apps of 2016

It seems like almost every physician is bringing a phone or tablet into the exam room and using mobile in their everyday life. Here are some medical apps to consider.

When it comes to mobile devices, physicians are all in. According to the 2016 Physicians Practice Technology Survey, the number of physicians who utilize mobile EHR apps went from 50 percent in 2013 to 78 percent this past year.It's not just EHRs though. The survey also revealed that more than 85 percent of physicians and practices were using mobile devices in the performance of their jobs.As such, this increased use has opened up a whole new market of mobile clinical apps that providers have found easy to use. Here are 10 apps that we've compiled through input from our readers in the past year that are especially noteworthy for physicians as well as others at medical practices.Download the apps:MeducationTouchCareCRMD FinderWISQARS MobileKidsDocAHRQ ePSSRealCMEMDCalcNurseTabs: MedSurgMedibabble