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Is single-payer the 'logical endpoint of healthcare reform?' "Absolutely not the answer!!" 
- John R. Mazza via Facebook

Is it right for a pediatrician to dismiss a patient if the child's parents refuse vaccinations? "Yes. they jeopardize the entire clinic and all of the clinic's patients." 
- Wiz Jeter via Facebook 

Who routinely checks the financial health of your practice? "I hope the physician has the wisdom to hire someone with expertise in finance to do this ..." 
- Health Care Consultants, LLC via Facebook

 How do you feel about using a laptop/tablet in front of a patient? "You are more engaged facing a patient with a tablet computer than facing to the side working in front of a desk top"  - Timothy Grace 

"My personal opinion is that most of the time it's very rude. I don't mind if a Dr. looks at the computer to get information about your last visit or to look up a medication but when I see a Dr. I want to feel like they are listening to me and they can't do that without giving you their full attention." - Carol Villa 

ACOs: Ready to join or steadfastly maintaining your independence?
Are you stuck in neutral or ready to move when it comes to accountable care organizations?

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