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Survey: Income Down, Overhead Up

The 2016 Physicians Compensation Survey reveals the average income of physicians as well as other vital compensation stats. Plus, is the cost of business increasingly cutting into your revenue? Here's how to keep overhead down.



The cost of doing business in healthcare continues to rise as reimbursements continue to drop. How do you keep your staff happy and feel like they are valued?

Adding too many ancillary services can turn a potential revenue stream into a nightmare for your practice.


Health care experts weigh in on the important questions practices need to ask before adding ancillary services.

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Keeping morale high is often difficult in medicine. Concierge medicine can help, according to this healthcare expert.

Landon Roussel, MD

A young doc spent six months as an employed physician, hated it, and started his own practice. Here’s what he learned and how it can help others.


Who brings in more money, employed doctors or independent practice owners? Experts talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both roles.

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How do physicians need to manage hypertension — from a coding perspective — in the age of quality-based care?


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