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Survey: Income Down, Overhead Up

The 2016 Physicians Compensation Survey reveals the average income of physicians as well as other vital compensation stats. Plus, is the cost of business increasingly cutting into your revenue? Here's how to keep overhead down.


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In our recurring blog “Inbox,” we share comments from physicians and others on the results of Election Day and how it affects the future of healthcare.


Every single medical practice plan should include various components that will ensure it's enacted properly. Here are a few areas to consider.

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Keep your office holiday party liability free by following some basic rules and being a good professional host.

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If a new office or location is in the works for your New Year business plan, use these suggestions as a guideline.


Are you looking for ways to announce the growth of your practice? Is it necessary to give holiday gifts to your staff?

How do you know a doctor has gotten a visit from his local pharmaceutical sales rep? Look for the swag. Here is one physician that doesn't hide it.


With the future of healthcare as uncertain as ever, now is the time for physicians to step up and take a leadership role.


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