Big Box Battles

Worried retail clinics will take a chunk out of your business? Here's how to compete.



If driving practice efficiency is in your game plan, technology investments to complement your EHR should be considered.


Available talent, specialty, and size are just three factors in deciding whether or not to outsource your practice's revenue cycle management.


You don't need practice advice, software, or seminars to make patients happy and loyal. You just need to be there when they need you. Here's how.

Patient satisfaction is doubly important now that it is a payment metric. Make sure you are doing everything possible to get the top scores you deserve.


Patient portals are not just a tool for your practice, they can also be the high-tech nucleus of daily operations and patient engagement.

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A little preparation by your practice before reaching the negotiating table with payers could mean a big difference in reimbursements.


Medical practice managers must be more aware of how physicians deliver care and how they can help them do it more efficiently.


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