Author | J. Scott Litton, Jr, MD

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"Is There A Doctor On Board?" This Time, There Was

June 28, 2013

As a physician, you are always on the job; even on your flight to a family vacation in Florida when a medical emergency occurs.

Advice for Physicians Preparing for Maintenance of Certification

June 07, 2013

Many have debated maintenance of certification, but I think reviewing and refreshing ourselves allows us to be well-rounded physicians.

Healthcare Reform is Changing the Landscape of Medicine

May 24, 2013

Physicians will likely have a hard time embracing future changes under the Affordable Care Act as the current effects are less than desirable already.

How to Manage Time Efficiently as a Physician

March 15, 2013

As physicians, grasp how much work you can do in one day, adjust your schedule accordingly, and start fresh each new day.