Author | Steph Weber


How practices are tackling pandemic staffing

June 24, 2020


From furloughing employees to implementing strict safety protocols, here's how practices have tackled pandemic staffing.

Genetic test kits: what patients deserve to know

January 23, 2020


Direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits are a hot commodity every holiday season, but they often come with strings attached. Here's what patients deserve to know.

Overcoming patient transportation barriers to care

January 14, 2020


When patients do not have reliable transportation, the effects ripple through the entire healthcare system. Here's a look at the fallout as well as innovative solutions.

The systemic barriers preventing physician workforce equality

December 11, 2019


Despite promising surges in the number of female medical students, active physicians remain predominantly male. Here are insiders' thoughts on why gender inequity persists and how to find a better balance.