Self Pay

5 keys to collecting patient responsibility upfront

May 06, 2019

Ensure your practice’s long-term health by educating patients about their financial responsibility and staff on how to improve medical billing and collections.

An "Alternative" Revenue Source for Your Practice

December 10, 2017

Can retail supplement sales help your practice's bottom line? One physician thinks so and shares her tips for adding these products to your offering.

Physician Compensation: Employed vs. Practice Owners

November 13, 2017

Where is the money? For its annual compensation survey, Physicians Practice breaks down the compensation between employed physicians and practice owners.

Drilling Down on the Female-Male Pay Disparity among PAs

September 29, 2017

Female PAs make 86 percent of what their male counterparts earn, a recent study found. This is profoundly unfair.

When Patients Don't Pay Their Bills

April 24, 2017

Some patients just assume physicians are rich and they don't need the money. Thus, they skip out on paying their bills.

Healthcare Policy Talk Leaves Patients Two Options

March 07, 2017

Are you getting anxious, just hearing the discussions surrounding the Affordable Care Act? This doctor has two options for you.

One Way to Increase Your Practice's Revenue

February 07, 2017

In an all-new cartoon, we look at a practice that found a unique way to improve its bottom line. How did it improve itself financially?

Don't Forget to Let Patients Know You Care

December 16, 2016

Patients really want to be cared for. And it's important to realize that treating them is different than caring for them.

2016 Physician Compensation Survey Report

December 01, 2016

The 2016 Physician Compensation Survey Report includes in-depth insight into what the nation’s physicians are being paid for their work.

Physician Income Trends Shifting Favorably for Primary Care

November 21, 2016

Primary-care physicians are still making less than subspecialists. Is that about to change in the shift to value-based care?