7 Ways to Flip the Attitude Switch in Your Medical Practice

Don’t let the bad attitudes linger: Print this list and give it to each person in your office.

It happens in every office, every clinic, every business for that matter - you go through a period of time where the staff is grumpy, the providers are snappy, the nurses have the “I don’t wanna” attitude. Don’t let the bad attitudes linger, print this list and give it to each person in your office. I assure you, you won’t make it to the end of the list before there is a smile on your face. Here are five quick tips to turn the tide.

1. Go outside for five minutes. Get some sunshine on your face. Or, if it is the collective office, have lunch or break outside as a group. (This may take some planning as a group, but why not have a Friday lunch picnic?)

2. Get up and move for a few minutes. Shake out your arms and legs, jump a few times, skip down the hall like you are 10 years old again. Stretch and loosen up your shoulders. Bend over and touch your toes (studies show that stress is stored in the hips and this will give you some release.) This will get you smiling.

3. Give someone a genuine heartfelt compliment. Or perform some other random act of kindness. You will both feel good.

4. Smile. Yes, you can chose to smile and a smile goes a long way for you and those around you.

5. Take a five-minute breather. Meditate if that is your style or just breathe deeply. You can do that anywhere.

6. Grab a healthy snack. Enough said!

7. List five to ten things that went wrong today, then read them out loud. It will give you a little perspective at how minor the issues actually are.

When you are happy and have a smiling attitude it shows, everyone can feel it and even the worst work day can turn around. It has been reported that 40 percent of our happiness is influenced by what we do to intentionally make ourselves happy, so do it!