Avoid Firing Medical Practice Staff

Dismissing a medical practice staff member is never fun. Here's how to reduce the likelihood you will need to go through the process.

Turnover is expensive. You can help reduce the number of hirings and firings by identifying the skill set you require before you recruit - and holding out for the right fit, says Owen Dahl, a practice management consultant in The Woodlands, Texas. Practices with the lowest levels of turnover set clear expectations of job responsibilities, plan an effective orientation, maintain an open-door policy, invite feedback, and offer opportunities for professional growth.

Other methods of keeping your staff engaged include praising success publicly and addressing performance shortfalls privately and consistently. When staff members fail to measure up, says Dahl, work together to set measurable goals and hold them accountable.

Try rewarding staff members with incentives along the way, which need not be costly. Consider giving Fridays off during the slower summer months, sending them a thank-you note personally signed by the physicians, or doling out Starbucks gift cards.