Complete Results to the 2016 Fee Schedule Survey

The complete results to the 2016 Fee Schedule Survey on how much practices get paid for common services from payers.

We’re happy to bring you the results of our annual Fee Schedule Survey - the only national examination of how much physicians are paid for common services by payers. This 2016 survey includes respondents from every part of the country and in every specialty. We also broke the data down by group size and whether a practice was independent or physician-owned. Respondents told us how much they earn, on average, for the major diagnostic codes for new and established patients, as well as for some common procedure codes.

Private payers won’t publicly disclose what they pay, and practices are prohibited by antitrust laws from sharing rate information directly with one another. Instead, you tell us how much you are being paid, then we aggregate the data and report it here - so you can compare your rates with those of your peers.

Here are a few of the highlights of this year's survey:

• Nearly half of the respondents are not sure how value-based reimbursement will have an effect on their practice's revenue.

• Thirty-five percent of respondents say between 1-10 percent of their revenue will come through non-fee-for-service contracts in the coming year. This is up from 18.4 percent who said the same thing in the 2015 Fee Schedule Report.

• More than 50 percent of respondents are not prepared for quality reporting under the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA).

• Because of the shift to value, more than 34 percent of physician respondents are either considering retirement or becoming an employed physician.

The report also includes resources for practices on how they can make it in a value-based world, how independent practices can close the reimbursement gap with employed physicians, and more.

Click here to download the 2016 Fee Schedule Survey Report.