Five Things to Never Say to Medical Practice Staff

If you are struggling to increase productivity from your staff, one thing you can do is take a step back and evaluate how you communicate with them.

As an administrator, how many times do you stop during your day and really listen to the words that are coming from your mouth? Often, we get so busy that we forget to be respectful when speaking to employees. Daily pressures tend to take over primary importance, and being polite can often become the last thing on your mind.However, it is vitally important that you establish a firm, but respectful relationship with your team members. It is the only way to earn their respect, and willingness to follow your leadership.In the heat of a busy day, managers often focus on the task to be completed, and less on communicating necessary requirements to equally busy staff members. Remember, it is all about the delivery. Before you bark out your frustration, try these suggestions instead.To view the slides in PDF format, click here.