Have You Recently Been Dropped From an Insurer's Network?

Many physicians have been dropped from United Healthcare's Medicare Advantage plans, and many doctors are worried that other payers will begin following suit.

Physicians Practice Associate Editor Marisa Torrieri recently wrote about the increasing number of physicians who are being dropped from UnitedHealthcare's Medicare Advantage plans, and the growing fear among physicians that more payers will begin following suit.

"If this is what we're going to be seeing in healthcare, it's a big concern," Michael Saffir, president of the Connecticut State Medical Society and a practicing podiatrist and pain-management specialist, told Physicians Practice. "The first reaction of my group [to the UnitedHealthcare news] was that we would switch payers and let our patients know. So let's say we can survive that. Then the question is, 'Will other payers do this?'"

That question, and the growing number of news articles that are highlighting UnitedHealthcare's dropped physicians, got us wondering: How is this affecting our readers right now?


Have you recently been dropped by a Medicare Advantage plan?